Silence (Is Golden) ~ Five Minute Friday

“LISTEN & SILENT are spelled with the same letters. Think about it.” / Pixabay

Time Starts Now:

I’m a talker. I love to tell stories, to think aloud.  Several years ago I was riding in the car with my husband and father-in-law; chatting as I normally do when it was suggested that I couldn’t be quiet for a designated period of time.  What? The gauntlet was thrown and the challenge accepted! Not only did I proclaim I could be silent for that period of time, but rather for the entire trip! The prize if I succeeded? My father-in-law had to buy me flowers.  I’ll have you know I won that contest….well… sort of……when the flowers finally arrived, the note on the card simply said: “Silence is Golden“!

I now believe there’s more truth to that statement than I was willing to admit to back then. Recently, I’ve come to realize that when someone’s sharing their situation with me, my first instinct is to open my mouth and tell my version of their experience or to offer my solution. Neither of which were asked for.  Thankfully, I’m now learning to keep the noise in my head from tumbling across my tongue and to just listen instead. “Silence is Golden“!

My quiet time with God also tends to be anything but quiet! When I try to be silent before the Lord, song lyrics may start singing in my head or my grocery list appears out of nowhere and I begin to talk my way through it. Before you know it, I’ve filled the Holy Space I wanted with racket that I could do without!  Tell me I’m not alone! “He leads me beside still waters”. “Be still and know.” You see?  God’s been trying to teach me that “Silence is Golden” all along.  Now all I have to do is listen.  I think I’ll take that challenge! How about you?

Time’s up!



8 thoughts on “Silence (Is Golden) ~ Five Minute Friday

  1. Mary Hood

    Haha! I love your honesty! At least you did win! It shows you can when you are deliberate. God bkess you. I wish I was a story teller, I am one who is just learning to speak up for I have been silenced in the past. It really has many sides to it. Thank you for visiting and replying to my post on 79.

    1. Cindy Post author

      Oh Mary, thank you! I think I have used my stories to kind of hide behind and now am trying to find my own voice too. If we take baby steps maybe we’ll both find ways to speak the way we’d like to! God Bless YOU and I appreciate you taking your time to comment!

  2. LaVonne Hammett

    I just had to laugh remembering the old adage, “Silence is golden but who wants to be that rich?” ha ha Well, Silence is Golden and sometimes we have to bite our tongues. Took me a life time to learn that. with humans. However, God never told me to shut up. We got that goin for us! You just keep on blabbing to him! 😀

    1. Cindy Post author

      Thanks Joe but my silver might go a little too far! I’m working on a balance for sure! I appreciate you stopping by!

  3. Kandi

    Oh my goodness! I can relate to just about every word of this post. 🙂 Love the image of “learning to keep the noise in my head from tumbling across my tongue and to just listen instead.” I’m learning that, too, and I so appreciate your challenge to us readers and your encouragement.


    1. Cindy Post author

      Oh boy Kandi. I wish I wasn’t such a slow learner!!! I so appreciate your kind words and for your taking time to comment! Thanks!


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