Wanteda guilt-free woman!  I know she’s hiding out in there somewhere, but I just can’t seem to gain control and keep her in custody. I’ve had glimpses of her but she’s elusive!

“I can’t believe I said that!”

“Why didn’t I say something?”

“I don’t really want to do that but I’ll feel bad if I don’t.”

“I wish I wouldn’t have done that.”

“I should have worked harder.”

“I let him down.”

“I’ll never change!”

These words and many more like them roll around in my mind like tumbleweeds in a wind storm.  Guilt and worry about things I did or didn’t do. Things I said, didn’t say, or could’ve said. Words and feelings of shame for the times I’ve let my family, friends, and worst of all, God down. Maybe you’re a little like me.  You have a hard time letting go of regret and remorse.  Our failures replay over and over and over again like an echo hitting the canyon walls.  Why is it that I have trouble remembering what I had for lunch but can recall every detail of mistakes I made years ago?  I don’t want to be shackled to these habits anymore!  I desire to break out and find  the guilt-free woman I long to be !

Here’s the amazing thing…..we’re given the key to open the door!

“Yet now God in his gracious kindness declares us not guilty.  He has done this through Christ Jesus, who has freed us by taking away our sins” Romans 3:24 (NLT)

You read that correctly!  We don’t have to live lassoed to our guilt! Grace liberates us! I have been on the trail of my guilt-free self for quite a while now.  I’m still learning that it’s a journey of faith and trust.  It can be bumpy, dirty, and lonely.  As you might guess, I sometimes  get thrown off.  The happy ending though, is that my “Posse” is always there to help me up, dust me off, and put me back into the saddle so I can continue on toward the REWARD of riding off into the sunset a guilt-free woman.


~I have written this as part of the #livefree community @www.tsuzanneeller.com Gallop on over and read more about living a guilt-free life!



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8 thoughts on “Wanted

  1. Cindy

    This was so good and still so adorable! The theme ran throughout and the content so resonated with me. You must be a fun teacher, who brings life to her classroom. I got truth and a smile from your post. 😍 I’m pretty sure we could be great friends! Thanks! #livefreeThursday

    1. Cindy Post author

      Cindy, let’s do it! Be friends I mean! Thank you so much for your uplifting words! I really appreciate you taking the time to write them!

  2. LaVonne Hammett

    Guilt is a useless emotion. But I agree it nags at us! Probably a product of our upbringing. Not bad mouthing mom’s but guilt is something that mothers have always used to control their children. It’s only when we realize we have no control and need to just have faith in God’s plan that we can relax and let it all play out. I’ve found that usually it’s for the better. Not necessarily what we want, but it’s what the big guy wants! I’m totally in awe of the things he always works out and the way he does it. Love this post Cindy! As always, thanks for your thoughts! LV

    1. Cindy Post author

      Yes, LaVonne you are right. I’m just in the slow learner category! Maybe I need to come over and sit on the porch with you and you can give me lessons! Thanks for the kind comments!

      1. elaine

        Cindy, i have ‘known’ you thru gist for sometime now, you are a conscientious, generous, kind, smart and thoughtful woman, i can never imagine that God would have anything but praise and joy for/with you .


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