Fixer Upper Envy

One of many projects needing to be tackled.

On the list to be fixed.

I love watching home improvement shows!  You know the kind. Where talented designers walk into a house that has been neglected and is run down. One that no one else sees potential in and with vision they create a plan to make it look absolutely perfect!  It’s common during these shows, for the contractor to uncover some hidden problems in the process and then like a hero, finds a way to fix everything so that it’s better than ever, almost as if they’d never existed.  I think I’m a big fan because I live in an old house that needs its own improvement show!  I literally drool as the beautiful remodeled homes on T.V. are revealed to their owners.  I’ve been known to shed a tear or two along with them as they realize the once deteriorating house has become their forever home.  I even daydream about a team coming to our small town to surprise me and fix all the problems my house has. New gutters and siding on the exterior.  Stylish paint and furniture in every room and oh, a beautifully updated kitchen with shiny, new, working appliances!  Yes, I confess, I have fixer upper envy!

I hate to admit it, but my envy extends beyond my house.  I could sure use some fixing up myself!  My exterior needs work and hidden on the inside are many imperfections that need improvement. “I want to be more fit. I wish my hair was straight. I’d hoped to have more wisdom by now.  Why can’t I fully trust?  Procrastinating has to stop!” The list goes on and on.  I’m learning the more focus I put on what’s neglected, tattered, dingy, faded, and frayed, the harder it is for me to reach my true potential.

My house most likely will never be featured on any home improvement show. Thankfully though, I have “The Designer of all Things” working on me!  It’s a slow process for now, but one day, it will be as if my problems never existed and I’ll step into my forever home with Him, the ultimate Fixer Upper!


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7 thoughts on “Fixer Upper Envy

  1. Erin

    You are so amazing, Cindy! I love this post and can’t believe how much I needed to read these words! Keep up the awesome work!

  2. LaVonne Hammett

    Oh Cindy, it would be lovely to live in a perfect house… but then I think… wait a minute, who is going to keep it perfect? How much work would that take? Who in the world cleans all the bathrooms in those mega mansions? I don’t have time for that!! ha ha What makes a house a home is love. And you have that in abundance! You are right, God willing, we will all live in a perfect place one day.

  3. Kelly Balarie

    Thank you for this honest admission. I think we have all been where you have been. It is easy to feel like everything about us needs a home makeover. I get it. Your heart touches mine. Joining you from #livefreeThursday. It has been a joy.

    1. Cindy Post author

      Thank you Kelly. I tend to focus on my flaws and inadequacies but I’m learning to leave those to God and trust He’s using my strengths for His good. Your comments touched me!


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