Poetry Here, There, and Everywhere

I have arrived at my first destination safely and I’m excited to say that even tho I am tired and my mind is not working on all cylinders, I still have a poem for you tonight.  It is written by my sister, Barbie….oops, Barb to her friends. What a gift it was to receive this today. Also, if you look in the comments for yesterday’s post you will find another special poem written by my friend, Robin! Poetry here,  there, and everywhere! Just how I like it!



So I admire my sister for her wisdom, faith and kindness. So here is a little poem to help at least one more day!

My sister is a writer extraordinaire
She has admirers everywhere

I will miss her poems everyday
But busy she is with that grandbaby on the way!

I encourage her to continue on
And don’t make us wait too long

I love her dearly she is my sister and friend
I am not the poet in the family so this is the end.

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