I Hope It’s Not My Last

At the beginning of the month I challenged myself to write a poem a day in April as a way to celebrate Poetry month.  It’s April 14th and I am pleasantly surprised to have made it this far. April’s not over yet, but my poetry writing days may be.  I have lots going on in my life right now and I am about to head out on a little trip.  I’m not sure how being out of my routine, having lots of fun with family, and poetry writing will fit together. We shall see.  So, with thirteen poems down, here’s one more before I hit the road.

I Hope It’s Not My Last

I almost made it halfway and  that’s good,

But, I may not make it as far as I should.

Life is moving at a rapid rate,

Poetry writing may have to wait.

I’m packing up and leaving town,

There may be no time to write things down.

I hate to think that this poem’s my last,

But if it is, I’ve had a blast!

Thank you for your patience with me in posting a poem a day. It really has been fun!  Is there anyone out there that would like to pick up where I’m leaving off?  Day 15 awaits!

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3 thoughts on “I Hope It’s Not My Last

  1. robin

    The last poem for us–please..this can’t be!
    I’ve relied on you to be a respite for me.
    A place to unwind from a hectic day
    Where my mind could rest-or even play.
    Your poems have made me laugh and cry
    And to them I hate to say goodbye..
    But I’m sure you’ll be back when you have more time
    Cause a poet like you can’t repress the rhymes!!!!!

    1. Dawn

      I agree with Robin – I anxiously await the next days poem because I know that it will bring a smile to my face! Thank you Cindy for always blessing my day! 🙂 (Great job on your poem too Robin!)


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