I’m a Fool for April

April first and I made it through the whole day without being fooled once. I have to admit I kind of missed the silly attempts my students used to make to try and trick me.  “Your shoe’s untied, Miss Cindy”, “There’s a spider in your hair!”,  or their favorite rubber snake on my desk trick.  Of course I always had to act the fool for them (it really wasn’t too hard), but I didn’t mind because the sound of their “April Fools” and laughter filled this foolish ole teacher’s heart with joy.

It’s hard for me to believe but April also marks the year anniversary of my writing this blog. The journey began last year at this time with my involvement in Kevin Cordi’s Poetry Box Project and has continued to be an avenue for me to do what I love, write!

April is also special because it is officially designated Poetry Month. In honor of that, a storyteller I admire, Granny Sue, posted that she was going  to write a poem a day throughout this month and not only that, she also challenged her readers to do the same.  I have decided, foolish as it may be, to accept her challenge.  Maybe you’d like to join us “April Fools” too, and let your inner poet shine! I hope you do!

April 1, 2015

Unexpected Blessings

A card, a gift,

A wave or a smile

Lift our spirits

For quite a while.

A touch, a wink,

A warm embrace

Help to ease

The trials we face.

A photo, a prize

A laugh or a tear

Unexpected Blessings

Wish us to persevere.



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