Preparing for the Climb


My First “Small” Summit

It’s been a tough week.  School started and I wasn’t there.  For the first time in thirty-three years I didn’t decorate my classroom with colorful frogs, prepare fun opening day activities, or pick out a “first day of school” outfit.  I am done, finished…….retired.  I fully expected to feel happy and free but instead I feel disconnected and at loose ends.

Life is not static.  Changes come like the rise and fall of the mountains.  Just when we sigh a breath of relief on the downhill side another slope ascends before us.  Right now I feel like I am facing Spruce Knob, the highest point in West Virginia.  I can’t see what waits for me on the other side and the climb seems difficult, my footing unsure .  I am reminded that it is in exactly these times that faith propels us to the top.  It is faith that helps us take that first step, faith that whispers “don’t look down”, and faith that assures us that we’re almost there.

When I focus on ME and try to control the climb, I stumble every time.  But when I concentrate less on my own effort and more on “The Guide” the rise to the summit seems possible.  Now, I am not there yet but I am “in training”.  Taking baby steps and scaling small peaks is preparing me for the precipice that is this new life of mine. We all face cliffs and crags in our lives, but remembering to cling to “The Rock” helps us face those challenges and the unknown without the fear of falling.  Let’s shout that from the mountaintops!


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2 thoughts on “Preparing for the Climb

  1. Sue

    So many years of everyday giving and receiving with small people is bound to be missed.

    All is well. Underneath these peaks and troughs you have a deep contentment. It can’t be otherwise. It shines out of you, even online.

  2. Kevin

    Cindy, I understand this feeling. I left two schools, one without being able to say good-bye to the students (it was summer) and I will always remember what another teacher said, “There are kids everyone and they need you.” I see your teaching just being more location by location. I know you will continue to share your love of poetry and more.
    all the best,


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