Birthday Blessings

It’s my birthday today and……. I am sick. Now in the scheme of things I know that being sick on my birthday is not that big a deal, but feeling rotten, in a sea of tissues, watching Hallmark movies is not the way I had my day pictured.

Isn’t is funny how in our lives, we often set high expectations for an event, idea, or a relationship. I have found that they are rarely met in the ways we had imagined or even come close and the result is often sadness or even anger. I must admit that “woe is me” slid easily off my tongue this afternoon when I should have been enjoying a slice of birthday cake with friends Instead of sitting home alone.  But here’s the thing, alone or in the company of those I care about, I still turned 55, the sun was shining, and I am on Spring Break so I didn’t have to make lesson plans for a substitute. Life is good when our expectations are open to the little detours along the way, a lesson this 55 year old is still learning. It is time for me to stop singing the birthday blues and get lost in the melody of my birthday blessings.  After all, anything else is just icing on the cake!



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2 thoughts on “Birthday Blessings

  1. elaine

    your blog is full of heart and borne of spirit. i love it, you are doing a great job, i find it hard to believe you are a novice.. i am so excited for you and your decision to retire, you cant image what opens, let go of preconceived expectations and it will rise out of the moment in its fullness to serve your blessed journey.. much love and celebrating to you. elaine..(from gist)

    1. Cindy Post author

      Elaine , God has gifted you as an encourager! Thank you for your kind and wise words. You will never know what they mean to me, Cindy


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